LaserTag - The Game

Prowl around, duck, dodge and hide – high levels of concentration, quick reactions and team spirit are the keys to success.

How does it work?

You move stealthily through a foggy, maze-like arena equipped with an electronic phaser (light emitter) and a sensor vest. The futuristic arena provides numerous opportunities to hide. You try and hit the light-sensitive sensors with your phaser to score points. The sensors are attached to the opposing team’s Base Station and the players’ vests. If these sensors are activated by your light beam, your own score goes up fast. But beware: if you are hit by a light beam, your shield will be reduced, causing you to lose energy points. Once your energy reserve is depleted, you have to restore it at one of the Energy Gate targets or your Base Station. However, this will cost time – precious time.

Game Types

The Basis Game variation includes the standard team or solo (everyone against everyone) games. Additional interactive arena elements, such as a computer-guided “Laser Shooters”, Energy Gates (computer-guided light gates with special features), Base Stations (also serving as energy stations for “Rapid Fire Laser”) or “Targets” (for power-ups, such as Hypershield and the like), are unlocked for special Member Games.

Number of Players, Procedure

The maximum number of players per game is 30. The duration of a Basis Game is about 15 minutes including briefing and debriefing. The players will get a short briefing before the game and each will be given a phaser (= electronic light emitter) and an electronic LED vest, which is equipped with various light-sensitive sensors.

The game is also suitable for children and the lasers (infrared) used are officially approved and completely harmless.


You and your team will try to score as many points as possible within the given time. The team that scores the most points by the end of the round wins. Points are recorded by a computer and each player will receive a print-out of his or her performance (game stats and ranking) at the end of the game.

The Thrill

Laser tag is action. Anyone who has ever used stealth to navigate the arena and hide behind the protective walls, has also realized rather quickly how exhausting walking (running is prohibited in the arena!) can be.

Laser tag is more. Strategy and tactics are vital to (team) success. Anyone rushing blindly into battle will soon find their energy reserves depleted even before they reach the enemy’s Base Station, where the most points can be scored.


Unlike other laser tag arenas, the Lazerfun Vienna arena features virtual opponents and computer-guided elements that can be added to the game to make it even more exciting and challenging. The elaborate technology makes the game even more diverse and full of variations.

Members / Clubs

Members can play additional, exclusive games! As a member, you will receive your personal membership card, which allows you to set up your personal gaming profile and upgrade your phasers individually before each game (up to three phaser types, such as Power Flamer or Ionizer and three different power-ups!) with points won in member games. More information on our club/member system will be available in the “Members / Club” section soon.