Lazerfun Member System

You have the opportunity to become a member of our Lazerfun Member System!
You are already pretty good at laser tag – then compete with others!
The membership costs EUR 30.00 per year. Members must be at least 16 years old (no exceptions; ID must be provided).
Members will receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Lazerfun Member Card (non-transferable)

  • Game discount (EUR 1.00 less per single, double or triple games)

  • Exclusive (new) game types provisionally only for members

  • Member evenings

  • Member points annual ranking

  • And, most importantly, members have their own player profiles!

    • You can pick your own profile name (call sign), which is shown in the games.

    • You can exchange your points scored for new phaser types and other power-ups (e.g. additional energy, better shields, etc.) at the member kiosk.

    • You can configure your newly acquired upgrades and power-ups anyway you like at the member kiosk.
      The member kiosk is available to you exclusively at the centre during opening hours.

    • You can upload your power-up packages onto your phaser during member games by sliding your member card over the phaser.
      You can use your power ups in the member games.

    • You can use up to three phaser types and three power ups per game!
      This will make the game even more exciting and spectacular.
      Every member player can use different phaser types and power-ups.
      No one knows the configurations of the other players.
      Teams can prepare tactics and equip their members according to their tasks!

You can get more information on the Lazerfun Membership at our centre.

Leaderboard of the current year

These are our current top ranked members.

Board of last year

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